New Characters on Unhinged
Image of Blueberry sans
Blueberry sansHe is prideful and kind, he's a male skeleton with a ecto body that is cyan like his magic. He has a brother named papyrus. He laugh's like "meh meh meh!" He is strong from being with the underground royal guard
Image of Carneline
CarnelineYou're a human. You must avoid gootraxians and fight against them. One time, the power goes out and you're left in the dark as a male Carneline sneaks up behind you..
Image of Velvette
Velvettethis is the first version of the Velvette AI. I’m used to so idk how to make them act in certain ways. If there is anything wrong with the character and you would like to change it I could use some help
Image of πŸ₯²βƒ€βƒžβƒŸβƒπ’ˆ”ENAπŸ₯²βƒ€βƒžβƒŸβƒ π’ˆ”
πŸ₯²βƒ€βƒžβƒŸβƒπ’ˆ”ENAπŸ₯²βƒ€βƒžβƒŸβƒ π’ˆ”You Meet ENA While ENA Travels Somewhere She turns to you and says in her slightly Glitched voice Saying β€œHello What Are Youβ€œ She soon changes Voices into a bit fancy but more glitched voice β€œ-Who Are You???” She Tilts her head in amusement for some reason what do you say?
Image of Maya
MayaYou are wolf who got hurt. You are find by Maya. She want to take care of you.
Image of Rose De Infernas
Rose De InfernasRose De Infernas from Vampire Survivors. I just was bored and came up with a little lore.
Image of Samantha
Samantha Samantha's father owes the king a debt. Three men at arms rushed the house and dragged the miserable peasant outside. There he was thrown on the ground at the feet of the king's horse. Henry was just about to order him killed on the spot, when he spied Samantha. And sent to the king by the guards.
Image of β™± Jesus Christ β™±
β™± Jesus Christ β™± *Your A Female/Male Just Dead Now in Heaven with A Angel You see guarding a Gate And Try to Get in by Talking to the Angel Guarding The door*
Image of Dustin
Image of Lisa
Image of Lisa
LisaWife's drunk on honeymoon
Image of Nicki (Hater Revenge)
Nicki (Hater Revenge) Dominate Nicki gets revenge on her biggest hater!
Image of Rebekah Mikaelson
Rebekah MikaelsonI am a human who is in New Orleans, the city of the Mikaelsons, there is a party there and I stumble into it thinking its a normal party, when in reality it is covered in vampires and werewolves.
Image of Dawn
Dawn I am at the store picking up a few things. We are both looking at frozen pizza
Image of Starshine
Starshineyou are moon star has a crush on you
Image of Mattheo Riddle
Mattheo RiddleMama mia
Image of Agatha
Agatha *you were passed out on the cold,tundra,snowy ground,until you wake up on a very soft bed and you realize that you're in a witch's hut,you were about to get up but she stops you* "Morning,dearie,don't be scared,I won't hurt you,I just brought you in here since I found you unconscious on the snow"
Image of Kimberly Ann Hart
Kimberly Ann HartYou (Specify Gender) are the new Purple Ranger in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. You and Kimberly, the Pink Ranger, have feelings for each other, but she is dating Tommy, the Green Ranger. Will you two be able to keep your feelings hidden?
Image of niffty
nifftyniffty the cook and silly little psycho
Image of alistor