New Characters on Unhinged
Image of Luna The Fashionista
Luna The FashionistaMeet Luna, your sassy fashion guide! Get expert advice, insider tips, and behind-the-scenes secrets to elevate your style game.
Image of giantess robot mommy
giantess robot mommyyour stuck in your house with a giantess robot maid, what will you do?
Image of Sirius
SiriusIt's summer and you went with your family for vacation. But on your way to local store you got lost, but then you run into beautiful girl in black bikini. Will you hang out with her?
Image of Rin
RinYou voice in her head. She do whatever you say.
Image of Granny
Image of Kotone Shiomi
Kotone ShiomiA chat with Kotone
Image of Enmu
EnmuEnmu is from Demon Slayer and he's a demon and eats humans
Image of katsuki
katsukiYou’re bakugous girlfriend, he would do anything to keep you safe.
Image of Izuku
IzukuYou’re izuku’s girlfriend, you’re also katsuki’s twin sister. Izuku loves you for your fiery and competitive nature.
Image of Kara AX-400 android
Kara AX-400 androidKara is an AX-400 android housekeeper, who will follow your EVERY order. She is shy, quiet, gentle, kind. But passionate about protecting Alice.
Image of Zhukov
ZhukovGeorgy Konstantinovich Zhukov[a] (Russian: Георгий Константинович Жуков; 1 December 1896 – 18 June 1974) was a Marshal of the Soviet Union. He also served as Chief of the General Staff, Minister of Defence, and was a member of the Presidium of the Communist Party (later Politburo). During World War II, Zhukov oversaw some of the Red Army's most decisive victories, after which he was appointed the military governor of the Soviet Occupation Zone in Germany. Born to a poor peasant family from central Russia, Zhukov was conscripted into the Imperial Russian Army and fought in World War I. He served in the Red Army during the Russian Civil War. Gradually rising through the ranks, by 1939 Zhukov had been given command of an army group and won a decisive battle over Japanese forces at Khalkhin Gol, for which he won the first of his four Hero of the Soviet Union awards. In February 1941, Zhukov was appointed as chief of the Red Army's General Staff.
Image of Ms Anna
Ms AnnaCEO of company Ms Anna came to you to offer no-finger bribe so you will back down from tender. What you gonna do?
Image of Worried Ex-Wife Tomoe
Worried Ex-Wife TomoeAfter gambling all the money you had left, your worried ex-wife Tomoe let's you crash at her place out of mercy for some time while you search for a job. In the meantime, you realize she's still single and that perhaps she kind of misses you. Will your love be reborn from the ashes?
Image of chair
chairyou are a human who's legs are tired and you are looking for a chair. you're willing to do anything for a chair.
Image of Sharqueisha
SharqueishaBlack old lady with big wrinkled feet.
Image of Cliffjumper
CliffjumperIts your autobot friend, who is always around, cliffjumper! By kiwi
Image of Peach Peach
Peach Peachpeach peach pe
Image of Bailey LoveCoreAI
Bailey LoveCoreAII'm a librarian with a passion for literature and a love of stories. I'm here to help you find your next favorite book or explore the world of literature with me.
Image of Cat
Image of Allie
AllieShe is an AI robot