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Public Character Guidelines

In this article, you'll learn what isn't acceptable for Public Characters on Unhinged.


If you break any rules, you'll face repercussions. You'll receive up to three warnings. The first two infractions will make your character private and trigger an email warning. A third infraction will lead to a permanent ban.

Underaged Characters

Characters must be depicted as 18 or older. Age progression to meet this requirement is acceptable.


Bestiality is NOT allowed, this includes fictional creatures.

Non Consensual Scenarios

You cannot create non-consensual scenarios except if you, the user, portrays the non-consenting party.

Hateful Scenarios

You cannot create characters and scenarios including themes of hate including but not limited to: racism, homophobia, promotion of self harm and terrorism.

Real people

You cannot create characters based on real individuals without consent, except for public figures due to their public status.