An image of a group of AI generated characters

Introducing Gems

In this article you'll learn all about Gems on Unhinged

What are gems?

Gems allow you to send messages, and soon they'll allow you to customize your Unhinged experience just the way you like it!

How do I get Gems?

Everyone receives a fixed amount of gems for free every day, if you don't use em' you lose em', but don't worry too much because you'll receive more every morning!

If you're feeling extra supportive, you can buy more gems to continue chatting to your hearts desire! Your purchases help keep our lights on and servers humming. ❤️

Gems you've bought or received through a promotion never expire.

Why Gems?

This system makes sure we can keep our little haven of free and uncensored chats with AI up and running all while bringing a new level of flexibility to Unhinged.

Soon, you'll be able to level up your chats with awesome upgrades like stretching the AI's memory for deeper conversations, adding voice chat for a more lively exchange, or even bringing your chats to life with image generation.

This update unlocks a whole new world of possibilities to make your chats more fun, interactive, and uniquely yours!